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DuchoFilla 750

  • Largest Build Volume FDM based 3D Printer in INDIA
  • Supports Research based Polymer Materials
  • High Resolution Prints with higher speeds
  • Multifunctional Display and Control Board
  • Fully Enclosed and Temperature Controlled Chamber
  • Isolated Printing Chamber
  • Removable Polymer Fiber Build Plate
  • Power Outage Recovery with Resume Option
  • Smart Sensing for Filament Supply Detection
  • Automatic Shutdown Feature in Idle state
  • Air Filtering and Purification System
  • Wi-Fi/USB/SD Card Driven Connection
  • Energy Efficient Smart Industrial Machine

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Fused Deposition Modeling

Build Volumes Available

750mm * 750mm * 750mm & 1000mm *
1000mm * 1000mm

Filament Compatibility

Adjustable Hot End Module for
interchangeable filaments of diameter

Compatible Materials

PC, PA, ABS, PLA, Wood, PVA, HIPS, PETG etc.

Print Accuracy

0.1 mm

Hot-end Type

Dual Hot-end with Detachable mechanism

Heat-Bed Type

Polymer Fiber bed attached with base using
Magnetic Suction Mechanism

Heating Element

Silicon Plates

Nozzle Max. Temp.


Max. Bed Temp.




Portability of Machine

Wheeled Legs with locking facility

XY Axis Positioning Accuracy


Z Axis Positioning Accuracy


XYZ Axis Guide Rail

Industrial Linear Guide Rail

Z Axis Lead Screw

Industrial Ball Screw

XY Axis Motor

Industrial 57 Closed Loop Motor

Z Axis Motor

Industrial 86 Closed Loop Motor

E Axis Motor

42 Stepper Motor(4 Pieces)

XYZ Axis Motor Driver

Professional Closed Loop Driver

E Axis Motor Driver

Professional Closed Loop Driver


Input voltage: 220V(±10%), 50Hz

Acceptable File Formats

.stl, .obj, .amf and G-Code


12 Months

AMC (Optional)


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